Following the suicide of a number of community members, Castlemaine District Community Health (CDCH) in collaboration with interested groups, sought funding from The William Buckland Foundation to address mental health and suicide prevention within the Mount Alexander Shire.

The live.life.well project has been in development since early 2015, incorporating a large community consultation process and a number of projects are under way. Funding will conclude at the end of this year.


Mount Alexander Shire is a community that supports mental health and wellbeing, is informed and aware, and combats risk and vulnerability.

Latest Projects

There has been a lot going on within the live.life.well. project and with the aid of the community and our working partnerships, live.life.well have hosted a number of events including Mental Health Week, the Suicide Prevention Community Workshop, the Youth Mental Health First Aid training for the Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC) students and community, the Ice Community Forum and the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

As a result, there is now a very active community-led Suicide Prevention Action Group and we have received a lot of feedback which helps us to plan for next year.   All of these activities highlight the importance of each of us looking after our own mental health, increase knowledge about local services available to provide support around mental health concerns, and also reduce the stigma that many people feel to be able to talk openly about mental health issues in the community.

The Team

The live.life.well. team consists of Sarah Day and Marg Barry, with Peter Hunt as team leader.  We vary from working two to three days per week, and bring a variety of different skills, experience and background to the project.

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